combining form
Etymology: Middle French, from Latin, from sanguis


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a combining form meaning "blood," used in the formation of technical terms: sanguiferous.
[comb. form of L sanguis, s. sanguin- blood]

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sangui- /sang-gwi-/
combining form
Denoting blood
ORIGIN: L sanguis, -inis blood; adjs sanguineus, sanguinārius, sanguinolentus; partly through Fr sanguin
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sanguiferous /-gwifˈər-əs/ adjective
(L ferre to bear) blood-carrying
sanguificāˈtion noun
sangˈuify /-fī/ intransitive verb
To make blood
transitive verb
To turn into blood
sanguinaria /-gwi-nāˈri-ə/ noun
The dried rhizome of the bloodroot Sanguinaria used as an emetic
sangˈuinarily /-gwin-ə-ri-li/ adverb
sangˈuinariness noun
sangˈuinary adjective
1. Bloody
2. Bloodthirsty
sanguine /sangˈgwin/ adjective
1. (in old physiology) of the complexion or temperament in which blood was supposed to predominate over the other humours
2. Confident and inclined to hopefulness
3. Abounding in blood
4. Blood-red
5. Bloody
6. Ruddy
7. Florid
8. Of blood (rare)
1. A blood-red colour
2. A red chalk
3. A drawing in red chalks
transitive verb (obsolete)
1. To colour blood-red
2. To stain with blood
sangˈuinely adverb
sangˈuineness noun
sanguinˈeous adjective
1. Referring or relating to blood
2. Of or having blood
3. Blood-red
4. Bloody
5. Sanguine
6. Full-blooded
sanguinˈity noun
sanguinˈolent adjective
Sanguisorba /-sörˈbə/ noun
(L sorbēre to absorb) a genus of rosaceous plants, supposed to have styptic qualities
sanguivˈorous or sanguinivˈorous adjective
(L vorāre to devour) feeding on blood

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